were your data lives!

CaribeTrack main Datacenter is located in Caguas in a full featured facility. We also host a "stand-by" copy of all our systems in Amazon EC (Amazon Elastic Cloud) for disaster recovery purposes.

Some key features of our data center:

  • Secured environment with biometric scanning for access 
  • 24/7/365 digital surveillance of server facility 
  • Redundant HVAC cooling system throughout facility
  • Multi homed high bandwidth fiber-optic internet connections 
  • CO2 fire suppression system 
  • Redundant power supply with 2 generator backups 
  • Redundant RAID hard drives 
  • Daily full database backups 
  • Industry standard firewall appliances
  • 24/7/365 server uptime and application monitoring
Our platform contains 1 dedicated web server (at the top in the photo), 1 database server with and independent external Dell NX3000 redundant storage array system and a "hot-stand-by" server running virtual machines of all the previous ones for development and testing purposes (bottom server on the photo) with up to the hour database differential backups. These systems are deployed in a way that if there is a hardware failure in the main servers the hot stand by will kick in. Also, in a disaster scenario, we can move our entire operation to the Amazon EC in under 2 hours.


Servers :: From top to bottom: Web server, Database Storage Array, Database Server, Hot-Stand-By Server