more Reports than you'll ever need!

Our platform provides reports that enable you to optimize your fleet operations. Is your fleet as productive as you think it is? Are you wasting money because you can’t track your fleet expenses? Reports give you a window into your fleet operations to see what’s working and what’s not.

CaribeTrack has you covered with 11 reports. Run the Start/Stop Report and use it as a virtual timecard to validate payroll hours. Use the Idle Report to reduce fuel expenses and harmful emissions. Prolong the life of your vehicles with the Maintenance Due Dates Report to ensure all of your vehicles get the service that they need.

And remember, we keep you data for 3 years!


Route Report


Make sure that drivers are sticking with their routes by reviewing a breadcrumb trail of your fleet vehicles paths of travel, stops and the amount of time idle and even speeding events, all in a single report


Start & Stop Report


Document each vehicle’s stop along the day including idle time duration for each stop as well as trip time between stops, mileage count and driving time. Is easy to verify time spent at each job and even launch breaks


Alerts Report


View all past infractions by Vehicle or Driver in the timeframe of your choice including: Speeding, Geofences Trespassing, License Expiries, Off-Hours usage, Panic Button and much more. All the information you need to take action in one place


Landmark Entry & Exit Report


View entries and exits from landmarks along with duration within landmarks. The landmark report can be used to show proof of time spent at each customer site for billing purposes or for job costing calculations


TimeCard Report


Review the times your drivers started and finished their work days. Match this report against the employee's time sheets to ensure that you are only paying for actual time worked. It also shows when different drivers used the same vehicle on a particular day


Mileage Report


Review miles traveled by all vehicles during a time period, quickly identify unauthorized use as weekends are displayed on a different background color. If a different driver used the vehicle in the same day the actual miles per driver will be shown


Due Dates Report


View all your due dates (licenses, insurance, maintenance, etc.) and the upcoming expirations for the next 6 months, all in just 1 screen. Never miss a due date again


Temperature Report


Need to show the FDA hard proof on how you are keeping the "cold chain"? Do you know if your shipment contractors are turning off the refrigerated chamber AC to save fuel thus spoiling your cargo? You can even set up an alarm and receive a message when the temperature falls bellow a predefined threshold


Sensor Reading Report


Need to know if a door was opened, a siren activated or read any kind of accessory the vehicle has? The Sensor Reading Report will show you each status change of any device it's connected to