Maintenance Jobs

keep your Fleet in shape easily

Do you know the last time the batteries in each of your fleet vehicles were changed? How about oil changes? Maintenance Jobs are an important part of your fleet budget and can be hard to manage as the number of vehicles in your fleet increases. CaribeTrack gives you the ability to record all maintenance job related work in a centralized place.


keep the Information that matters

Maintenance Job Module :: Attach all the files you need for each Maintenance Job to eliminate hard-copy forms and Invoices
  • Job Type (Batteries, Oil change, Manufacturer maintenance, tires, etc.)
  • Provider / Shop and Person in charge
  • Total Cost
  • Date of Job
  • Invoice Number
  • Upload files (like invoice photos or acceptance forms)

why every fleet manager should track Maintenance?

  • US Dept of Energy says on-time maintenance can improve fuel economy up to 9%
  • Comply with all warranty requirements and prove it
  • Detailed history of fleet maintenance performed, how much it cost, who did the work
  • Reduce or eliminate outdated hard-copy vehicle maintenance forms
  • Easily print a complete maintenance log for any vehicle in your fleet
Maintenance List :: Quicly filter by vehicle or Maintenance Job Type to see past maintenances