A virtual fence keeping an eye on your Fleet 24/7

Geofencing allows you to set a virtual boundary around a specific geographic location. This facilitates tracking the whereabouts of a vehicle easily, ensuring that a company’s fleets stays within the boundaries of efficiency and safety. Whenever the pre-defined perimeter or fence is crossed, an email or SMS which includes the position of the vehicle is sent to the designated person or fleet manager.
Geofences can be as small as a 1/4 mile or as large as you wish. You can encompass a city, "Plaza Las Americas", "Boqueron Beach" or just about any size region for that matter. They can be created in 3 ways: 2 point rectangular, 2 point circle, or up to 1000 points polygons allowing for route tracking and route deviation. CaribeTrack user friendly interface makes creating geofences a cakewalk



Geofencing features improve Fleet Managers capabilities

  • Manage a fleet of vehicles within a region
  • Limit fleet travel and sales regions to specific routes
  • Provide advance warning of arrival at customer sites, thereby eliminating delays
  • Prevent crossing of a city
  • Monitor arrival and departure schedule
Polygonal Shape Geofence :: Various shapes are available to create a geofence: rectangle, circle and polygon. You can draw an entire vehicle route in less than a minute


Hardware or software based Geofences?

Geofences can be hardware or software based. Hardware based geofences needs to be programed inside the tracker by the provider (thus generating dependency and costs for your company) and, depending the tracker model, your company will be limited between 2 and 8 geofences. CaribeTrack is the only provider in Puerto Rico that uses software based geofences; this means you can create as many geofences as you want, when you want, and they will all be available instantly without any additional cost or intervention from our part.


Did You Know?

You can set up a geofence in your Fleet parking lot and receive an email or SMS when your employees leave the company to work. You'll also know when they return, and you don't even need to access to system