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It’s one thing to employ the right technologies to track the location and efficiency of each of your fleet’s drivers. It is an entirely different level of Driver Management when it comes to the solutions CaribeTrack delivers. Drivers List? :: You see at a glance speeding events count (EV column) and Geofence events count (VG column) We go the extra mile so you can ensure safety and enforce and reward positive driver behavior by seeing at a glance which drivers are speeding, trespassing geofences or got late to work. Driver Management gives peace of mind with automatic alerts 1 week before expiry of any of the common Puerto Rico licenses, including regular license, TWIC, Internship, Port Authority and others. Human Resources department can register a variety of information of your drivers, upload photos and even specify emergency contact and blood type for emergency situations.


Driver Information


Register all the info you need and keep your records centralized; the great part is that automatic Alerts will be activated for the information you fill in, making the system pro-active about letting you know expiration dates


Shift Management


With the Shift Management Module your Fleet Manager can create schedules and have Drivers automatically assigned to their respective vehicle on a day and hour basis


More than one driver per vehicle?

Check out our Automatic Driver Assignment solution using iButton Technology