Custom Alerts & Alarms

let our Alerts & Alarms System do the work for you!

Stay on top of your Fleet Operations receiving an instant notification by email or SMS every time one of your vehicles exceeds your user-defined thresholds for any of the 18 different alerts we offer. For example, are you closely watching the idle time of your fleet to reduce your overall fuel costs?

Some Alerts you will receive automatically, like the Battery Low or Insurance Expired Alerts, for others you need to set up an Alarm. These Alarms are simple to configure, just select the Alarm type from a list, select which vehicles it applies to, how often you want to receive the generated Alert and who should receive it. The great part? Alerts give you real-time, actionable information that you can use to maximize your fleet in any area, whether it’s a Speed Alert for driver safety, vehicle movement with an After Hours Alert to guard against theft or an Idle Alert to reduce fuel consumption.

And if you associate a driver to the vehicle (our have CaribeTrack automatically assign the drivers for you via our iButton system, no matter how many vehicles the driver use each day) you'll quickly get the amount of speed Alerts for that particular driver.


Non-Working Hours Alarm


If a vehicle is turned on at 3:00AM chances are it’s being stolen. Simply set up a Working Hours schedule by day and hour, for example, you can quickly create an Alarm if a particular vehicle is turned on outside Monday to Friday 6:00AM to 8:00PM


Speed Alarm


Not only do we offer a Speed Alarm, we offer you the ability to change the max speed on your own, without our intervention. For different types of vehicles you can create as many Alarms as you want, even each vehicle in your Fleet can have its own Alarm


Temperature Alarm


We offer unprecedented flexibility for creating Temperature Alarms, not only you can specify a threshold, you can instruct the Alarm to start monitoring the temperature when the vehicle reaches certain a Landmark. This feature allows to start monitoring only when vehicles arrives at the warehouse