Automatic Driver Assignment

"know who's driving what, when and where". Just a swipe away

Companies with multiple drivers using different vehicles on various days may have difficulty keeping track of who did what in which vehicle on what day. With CaribeTrack Automatic Driver Assignment, vehicle, driver and shift information is always associated with the correct driver.

The Automatic Driver Assignment removes the manual step of switching drivers from one vehicle to another, this happens automatically when a driver gets into a vehicle simplifying the work of the dispatcher. The simple act of swiping the dedicated iButton (Maxim / Dallas key) against the iButton reader lets drivers quickly and easily “check in” and associate themselves with the vehicle they are using. No matter how many drivers operate in the same vehicle, the Driver ID provides management with accurate driver based reporting.

Did You Know?

If 3 drivers used the same vehicle in a single day the TimeCard Report will tell you each driver working hours, even if the same driver used the vehicle at different shifts


We can install a relay on the vehicle "starter", preventing it from turning on if the driver don't swipe the iButton, this is a great feature to ensure your drivers will "check in"

The Fleet Managers can also specify authorized iButton per by vehicle thus preventing certain driver to use a particular vehicle.