3 Years Online Data

how far back you want to see?

If you are looking into the Puerto Rican market for an AVL or Fleet Management solution you already know this: you'll be offered only between 6 and 12 months of data retention, that is, the information of where your vehicles were, alerts, reporting, fuel, drivers assignments, etc.

Route for a vehicle back in 2008, all information is kept in the system, including also speeding points (brown icons)

We host our own solution in our Datacenter located in Caguas, and manage our own servers, we can keep your information for at least 3 years. Having 3 years of historical data is very important for various reasons, for example, you may want to run a mileage report to know your fleet utilization in the last year, or see the last time the batteries were changed, or need “hard data” to take corrective actions in driver behaviors.

Sometimes we need to check who was using a car many months ago when a speeding ticket came in, now our drivers now they are accountable

- Jose Rivera - Genesis Security

Get peace of mind knowing your data will be online for a long time