5 seconds position updates

never miss an update!

Watch your vehicle moving in near real-time updates on your screen, the route being traversed, distance covered and at what speed. Vehicle position updates intervals at 5 seconds and no additional cost are a first in Puerto Rico!

Can you spot the difference? :: A Telit GSM chipset on the left and a generic (no-brand) GSM chipset on the rigth used by other providers

Due to the harsh terrain nature of Puerto Rico (mostly mountains) sometimes getting a strong GPRS signal to send the vehicle position to our servers is a challenge, that's why we use only Telit GE865 Quad-band chipsets in our trackers, to ensure your vehicle will get the most reliable GSM signal possible.

CaribeTrack is the only provider in Puerto Rico using Telit and we are proud that our trackers get strong GPRS signals where others can't even connect to the GSM network.

We utilize AT&T, Claro & T-Mobile networks for the best possible signal on the island, covering also Vieques and Culebra, and if you plan to move your vehicles to the Dominican Republic or the US we can also keep track of them.

CaribeTrack is the only provider in Puerto Rico offering 12 seconds updates at no additional cost