Safety & Security

"no compromise" Safety & Security

With CaribeTrack you can improve the safety and security of your vehicles and minimize your exposure to losses while also give peace of mind to your drivers, especially those who go on remote service calls at all hours.

We can help your company:

  • Pinpoint and track fleet vehicle location information at any time
  • Reduce unsafe driving
  • Reduce theft losses
  • Reduce not authorized after hours use of vehicles
  • Hard breaking and acceleration
  • Harsh cornering
Off hours Alarm :: Creating an off-hours Alarm it's easy and will let you know if a vehicle is turned on outside work hours
Using an innovative G-Force Sensor we can even detect a crash or impact in your vehicles, and you will receive an automatic Alert via email or SMS, more importantly, we can recover critical information about the vehicle status (speed, direction, force of impact) from 5 seconds before the crash which may prove invaluable and exonerate your driver in a court of law. We can customize the impact threshold from 600mg to 16000mg (that is the amount of "force") for impact detection, harsh cornering, acceleration and breaking as different types of vehicles behave differently on the road.


CaribeTrack is the only provider in Puerto Rico that can customize impact & crash detection along with harsh cornering tailored for each of your fleet vehicles