Route Optimization

works with a Garmin® personal navigation devices

We offer a powerful tool that allows the Fleet Manager to easily dispatch jobs to your vehicles and send messages to and from vehicles and the office. Fleet dispatch works with a Garmin® personal navigation devices (PND) to provide communication and dispatch capabilities between your drivers and the dispatcher. This accelerates and simplifies other time-consuming methods of assigning jobs.

With the PND in place you can provide daily itineraries and routes to drivers and view real-time updates on the status of every job. Dispatch vehicles to any address or point of interest. It also enables you to edit and optimize routes on the fly to avoid traffic incidents, roadwork and tolls.
You have the ability to re-route vehicles to fit new service requests into your schedule or workday and deliver messages to your drivers. This enhances your customer service by improving response times and arrivals. It also reduces phone usage and driver distraction with turn-by-turn voice directions and canned messaging.

With our AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) software you gain a clear understanding of where your fleet is and where it’s going.

CaribeTrack enables your drivers and operators to:

  • Follow voice-guided directions
  • Create instant routes to new service requests
  • Change routes to avoid traffic
  • Take the most direct route
  • Driver can message dispatchers about job status changes
  • Notify dispatchers when a destination is reached
  • Two-Way Text Messaging reduces phone chatter and call hold times

Did you know...?

CaribeTrack is the first company in Puerto Rico to offer Garmin FMI (Fleet Management Integration) since 2008