make no mistake, you can do more with what you already have

Your fleet is the backbone of your operations and you want to ensure that vehicles are being used to their full potential to meet your workload. Your operations are most successful when your fleet is at peak productivity. But there are a lot of challenges to high productivity; jobs take longer than expected; drivers can be delayed by traffic, poor time management, or customer availability changes throwing your fleet schedule into disarray. So, how can you provide your fleet with the ability to produce more?

CaribeTrack provides multiple tools that let you address productivity issues. Real-time vehicle location plus operational data and alerts can show you where your vehicles are, where they’re going and if they're being used properly. Alerts can warn of both unsafe operation, such as speeding or sudden stops, and unexpected events, such as prolonged stops, out-of-area travel and after hours usage. In addition, stolen assets may be quickly located and recovered. Reporting tools allow you to see how long jobs take, when vehicles are idle, and which drivers can take on additional jobs or require coaching to hit their work targets.

We can help increase your revenue by addressing these key productivity factors:

  • Ensuring that employees work a full day
  • Allowing you to add more jobs to each employee’s work day
  • Eliminating side jobs
  • Reducing job costs
  • Identify under-utilized vehicles so they can be reassigned
  • Avoid unnecessary overtime

Did you know?

Unfortunately using company vehicles for "side-jobs" or non-related work tasks is a common practice in Puerto Rico. Some of our clients get their ROI back in just 3 months by fuel saving alone after eliminating this bad habit

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