Lower Costs & Increase Revenue

optimize your Fleet Operations and easily Reduce Costs

Running an efficient organization in today's world is no longer a luxury your business can afford to be without. Rising fuel costs, employee overtime and waste of company resources must be addressed.

CaribeTrack helps you streamline operations and lower management costs in many ways:

  • Optimize Fleet Size:  Our fleet utilization reports provide detailed information on each vehicle's usage, including miles traveled, usage hours, days utilized, number of trips, and more, for specific periods of time. This allows fleet managers to analyze both under and over utilization of vehicles to maximize fleet productivity
  • Reduce Labor Costs and Overtime Hours:  You can monitor the status of all vehicles from a single Web site, and improved routing can result in less time behind the wheel, giving your employees more time to focus on work-related tasks
  • Lower Insurance Costs:  By reducing speed-related accidents and tickets, insurance premiums can actually drop over time
  • Reduce Vehicle Repair and Vehicle Replacement Costs:  Extend the life of your fleet and lower fleet maintenance costs with vehicle diagnostic reports, speeding and idle time reports, vehicle maintenance alerts, and more. The maintenance module allows you to keep track of maintenance related task like filter & oil replacements, batteries, tires, etc. you can even attach a photo of the invoice
  • Reduce fuel consumption:  Know where every drop of fuel goes 
  • Eliminate billing credits: Avoid customers complaints of lateness. Also no longer will a client be able to say "you weren't here"