How's my driving

are you really getting all the calls?

Your fleet already has the "How's my driving?" decal as required by law in Puerto Rico by the DOT, but now CaribeTrack can take these calls for you, just replace you decals with our number 787.327.7777 and your fleet is ready! Go ahead, dial now and hear the welcome message.
But why would you want an outside source to take the calls?

Because of reliability, making sure that you are getting the calls you ought to receive. Without our system you may never know if anyone has called or whether these calls have been directed to the right person or resulted in any action. By using CaribeTrack IVR (Interactive Voice Response) you can count on 24 hour a day service, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The caller will never get a busy signal and all information will be documented objectively from a third unbiased party, then, in a matter of seconds, your Fleet Manager will receive an email with the phone number that called, date & time, vehicle reported, actual position of the vehicle and even the actual recorded message if the caller decided to leave one.

Did you know?

The caller don't need to enter complex vehicle identification codes, with the license plate (or even part of it) will be enough to accurately identify your vehicle


CaribeTrack is the only provider in Puerto Rico offering a 100% automated IVR for this service