Customer Service

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In a highly competitive market, customer service is a twin challenge. Failing to meet service commitments, service level agreements and extended service outages contributes to customer dissatisfaction and attrition; but you also need to ensure compliance with business rules that safeguard your drivers in potentially hazardous situations.
Knowing where your drivers are, if they’re on schedule, and when they’re expected to arrive at a job can enhance your service. With CaribeTrack you can see at a glance where your drivers are, identify vehicles that can provide schedule coverage to meet at-risk commitments, and proactively coordinate resources to accomplish your workload. You can also ensure drivers are aware of each other’s locations and operating in compliance with critical work rules.
The Aberdeen Group, a leading research company, has published a study on the effect of GPS tracking on company performance. The study concluded that when implementing a Fleet Management or AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) solution companies often realize the following:

  • A 23% increase in the total number of service calls completed per day per technician
  • An average of a 46% increase in the percentage of time that service technicians arrive within the promised response time, directly relating to the issue of improved customer satisfaction
  • A visible increase in customer retention with the adoption of the system
  • A 16.4% increase in service revenues because of improvement in customer service alone

It's clear that GPS fleet tracking systems work wonders to help companies better service their customers. We have helped dozens of companies here in Puerto Rico retain existing customers and win new accounts.
We’ll help your company improve customer service and gain new clients by:

  • Improving response times to customer calls
  • Improving billing accuracy
  • Improving ETA accuracy
  • Allowing you to notify customers if fleet drivers are running late
  • Acting as an effective marketing tool